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Al-Amal Plastic Industries (AP), founded in 1971 by businessman Sheikh AbdulKader Turkistani, is one of the first plastic companies that was established in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proud that (AP) was established when Saudi Arabia was in the initial stages of industrial development. The company manufactures all types of printed and non-printed polyethylene bags and rolls. The reason for choosing the plastic industry was that the government of Saudi Arabia encouraged investors to invest in all industrial sectors. In addition, the availability of basic raw materials in the Kingdom, inspired most investors to be the first to venture into petrochemical manufacturing. 

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he launch of the initial factory was a successful start. However, due to the increase in demand and the production limits of the initial factory, the management decided to move the business to a larger facility with more advanced manufacturing technology. This move allowed the factory to greatly increase production in order to meet the growing demand for its products. In 1979, we opened the main facility in the 2nd phase of the 1st Industrial City. This facility has since served as a central hub for our manufacturing operations. In 1990, the main warehouse facility was built in Al-Khumrah district, just outside of Jeddah. The addition of a major warehouse greatly increased our ability to distribute our products and has been a valuable addition to our operations. Furthermore, in 2002, the 2nd factory was announced. It is located in the 5th phase of the 1st industrial city. 


 The current management is aware of the company’s long history and its responsibility to continue development. They are convinced that the foundation to achieve this, is through the satisfaction of our customers who have placed their trust in us. Thus, they deserve the best products and services possible.

The broad customer base within and outside the Kingdom is considered one of the most important sources of strength in our company.